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Putting the vision on paper..my journey

Seeing the book in print for the first time...

Today was a sort of a milestone to say the very least. Although I have been a strong advocate for safe schools for many years and worked as the director of public safety for a large district, I have never taken the time to write down the things that I have learned during those many years of service. Two years ago, Rowman and Littlefield approached me to write a book about emergency management in schools. This was a daunting yet incredibly thrilling prospect!

I love writing! I have a blog that allows me to share the emotional journey of being involved in school based policing and have loved the great response as I share those sometimes gut wrenching experiences. I have written many articles for periodicals about leadership, life management skills as well as school safety.

I have never made the effort to begin writing an actual book. It was daunting but I was absolutely up for the challenge. After two years of writing and editing and editing before re-writing, the work was finally finsihed and alas the day has come! Such a strange and amazing feeling when you open Amazon or BN.com and find your name and your book available for anyone to purchase and share your thoughts!

I am thrilled with today and now plan to go out and celebrate with my family before coming home and sitting down in my study to start the next project. What's the project? Well I have a vision about a book on using vision as a tool for leadership! More on that next mountain top later, for now, I plan to spend just a moment up here enjoying the view!
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