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Brian Moore has been writing non-fiction material on topics such as leadership and emergency management for the past decade. He has presented workshops to businesses, government agencies and non profits across the country. Brian has published many articles in education trade journals on leading in the K-12 arena as well as how to maintain a safe learning environment for kids. He spent 15 years serving as the Director of Public Safety for a school district in northern Delaware. In 2017 he left the District to join the Delaware Department of Education where he oversees the school climate & discipline programs throughout the First State.

Brian is an active advocate for at-risk youth in his community. He serves as the CFO of the Police Athletic League of Delaware. Brian serves on the Board of I Am My Sisters Keeper, a non profit group focused on developing the talents and skills of young women of color in the city of Wilmington.

In addition to his work for children, Brian teaches English and oral communications at a local community college. His students have gone on to become successful writers in their own rite as student authors or for local periodicals.

Brian holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Wilmington University in Delaware. He resides in Greenville Delaware with his wife Karen and their children, Brendan and Megan.